Economic woes continue

This video from Iceland says about itself:

Protest in Reykjavik

They where protesting the President of the Icelandic central bank, Mr. David Oddson, former prime minister of Iceland.

And demanding their resignation.

You can hear in the video – where they are shouting “David out – David out”.

They are also protesting that the position of central bank manager – is a political position.

That the bank managers are not educated in financial matters.
And all their decicions are political.

The economic crisis continues.

Audio: David Harvey on the `Enigma of capital’ and the current capitalist economic crisis

A lecture by Professor David Harvey
City University of New York Graduate Center
November 14, 2008
1 hour 2 minutes

Listen now: here.

Sharp conflicts in Europe over economic stimulus program: here.

2 thoughts on “Economic woes continue

  1. Making the world’s poor pay: The economic crisis and the Global South

    [This article is available in Spanish: `Que paguen los pobres del mundo
    La crisis económica y del Sur del globo’ ]

    By Adam Hanieh

    November 22, 2008 — The current global economic crisis has all the
    earmarks of an epoch-defining event. Mainstream economists – not usually
    known for their exaggerated language – now openly employ phrases like
    “systemic meltdown” and “peering into the abyss”. On October 29, for
    example, Martin Wolf, one of the top financial commentators of the
    Financial Times, warned that the crisis portends “mass bankruptcy”,
    “soaring unemployment” and a “catastrophe” that threatens “the
    legitimacy of the open market economy itself… the danger remains huge
    and time is short”.

    * Read more


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