War photos exhibition in England

This video from England is called Images of War. Brighton Photo Biennial 2008.

By Paul Mitchell:

Brighton Biennial exhibition focuses on war photography

28 November 2008

This year’s Brighton Photo Biennial brought together a number of antiwar artists and photographers in an ambitious exhibition entitled Memory of Fire: the War of Images and Images of War. The curator Julian Stallabrass and staff at nine galleries and museums across southern England put together diverse displays of images of war ranging from the early twentieth century to the present day. The exhibition raised many issues concerning the nature of war and its representation, the decline of photojournalism and the role of the embedded photographer.

With so many venues and so many artists, it is difficult to know where to start but let’s begin with the most explicitly political artist in the exhibition, Thomas Hirschhorn. His gruesome huge banner The Incommensurable hanging at the Fabrica Gallery in Brighton, is a collage of graphic photos of mangled human flesh from the Internet or underground magazines that rarely find their way into the mainstream media. They are terrible to look at. A man with his limbs detached lies crumpled in the middle of a road. A youth sits in a car with the top of his head blown away. I felt physically sick by the time I walked the 18 metres length of the banner… many people couldn’t manage the short distance. The catalogue is right, the banner “reads as an endless parade of utter destruction, depicting bodies blown apart by modern weapons, weapons designed not to kill but to obliterate.”

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