South African racist murderer sentenced

This video from South Africa is called Skielik Murderer Johan Nel in Court.

From the BBC:

SA racist killer gets life term

A judge has sentenced a 19-year-old white South African to four life terms in jail for killing four black people in a shooting spree in January.

Those shot dead by Johan Nel included a three-month-old baby and a boy of 10. Witnesses told the court he shouted racist abuse while shooting.

The killings led to angry protests by thousands of people.

Correspondents say Nel showed no emotion as he was sentenced. The judge said racism could not be tolerated.

Police spokesman Lesego Metsi said Judge Ronald Hendricks and the prosecuting lawyer were under police protection after receiving 50 death threats on their mobile phones, the South Africa Press Association reports.

Superintendent Metsi told South Africa’s Times newspaper that all the callers were white, who said Judge Hendricks would be killed if he handed down a life sentence. …

Nel was also sentenced to 68 years on 11 counts of attempted murder, five years for holding a firearm and three years for possession of ammunition.

Our reporter says Nel was told he would have to wait 25 years to negotiate parole.

His lawyers say they will appeal against the sentence.

4 thoughts on “South African racist murderer sentenced

  1. Sad that someone at 18 can be filled with such strong emotion as to engage in random killing of people he doesn’t even know. On the other hand it is heartening that such events have been quite rare in South Africa since the advent of democracy in that country. I hope that those persons in a position to guide and influence young people do not pass on their prejudices. For me it is clear that for a person of 18 to committ such acts has had his thinking influenced by others….


  2. Hi Doug, thanks for your comment. Indeed, I think the perpetrator has been influenced by others. There are South African neo nazis who now consider Johan Nel a “hero”, for his actions; people with nicknames including “88” (Heil Hitler). Fortunately, they are a small minority in South Africa.


  3. That is just sad… I agree with Doug. it has to be influenced by others,i.e. his family members, etc. We all hope that those kind of action do not happen again in this modern-day society.


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