Kenyan BirdLife volunteers win prize

This video is called Birdwatching trip report Kenya October 2007.

From BirdLife:

BirdLife volunteers receive prestigious prize


A group working to conserve the Kikuyu Escarpment forest Important Bird Area (IBA) in Kenya has won the prestigious Equator Prize for 2008. The Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO) were chosen from 310 nominations and received the award at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, in Barcelona, Spain. …

They were selected to celebrate outstanding community efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation of biodiversity. KENVO, which works with NatureKenya (BirdLife in Kenya), has shown remarkable success in addressing conservation issues at Kikuyu Escarpment forest, where human pressure has been increasing. This IBA is rich in bird species and is home to regionally threatened species such as African Olive Ibis Bostrychia olivacea and Crowned Hawk-eagle Stephanoaetus coronatus.

Nairobi National Park drought bringing storks into the dams: here.

Kenyan birds: here.

Boost for elephant and Grevy’s zebra numbers in Northern Kenya: here.

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