British police in missionary child abuse scandal in Albania

Dino Christodoulou, one of three Britons on trial in the orphanage scandal From British daily The Guardian:

UK police withheld details of sex abuse at orphanage from Albanian authorities

• Tirana court jails British charity worker for 20 years
• Two more Britons still on trial over allegations

* Paul Lewis in Tirana
* Thursday November 20 2008

British police helped cover up a horrific sex abuse scandal at a Christian missionary orphanage in Albania, a Guardian investigation has found.

Senior officers agreed to keep details of abuse secret from their counterparts in Albania after the British director of the orphanage, David Brown, persuaded them that while children had been sexually abused in his care, he had played no part in it.

Brown, 57, an evangelical charity worker who founded the His Children orphanage seven years ago, was yesterday found guilty of “sexual relations” with minors. …

Ten children, aged between four and 13, told Albanian police they had been sexually abused by Brown and the two Britons. In some cases the children claim to have been bound to a balcony, gagged and raped.

But an investigation has revealed that Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) received details about abuse at the home 18 months earlier, in December 2004, and failed to tell their Albanian counterparts. …

There were no attempts to rescue the Gypsy [mainly Muslim in Albania] children at the orphanage, where Brown slept with boys in his bed.

“A lot of us were uncomfortable about what was going on in there,” said a pastor who agreed not to inform Albanian police about the shelter. ” But we believed David was a good man. And we didn’t want all the good work our churches were doing to be associated with David’s orphanage.” …

Brown described [his associates] Christodoulou and Arnold, whom he blamed for the abuse, as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. He described his trial as “my day on the cross”. “I am the father of these children and I have a duty under God to defend them,” he said.

See also here. And here.

Apparently, there also is a For His Children Orphanage, with United States connections, in Quito, Ecuador. I do not know whether there is any connection to “Mr” Brown’s organization in Albania, or that just the names happen to be similar.

New Fascism Hunts Roma: here.

Once it had to rely on persuasion rather than intimidation, the story of British Christianity came to an end. Some 63 percent of us are non-believers, while 82 percent say religion is a cause of harmful division: here.

3 thoughts on “British police in missionary child abuse scandal in Albania

  1. Judge to Parents: Leave Sect, Get Kids Back
    Ark. judge tells parents they’ll get kids back if they leave evangelist Alamo’s compound

    TEXARKANA, Ark. November 22, 2008 (AP)
    The Associated Press

    A judge has told parents of two teenage girls removed from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries compound that they can have their children back if they sever ties with the community.

    They were among six girls taken from the compound in a raid on Sept. 20 amid allegations of beatings and sexual abuse. This past week, 11 boys and nine more girls, ranging in age from 1 to 17, were taken into state care.

    Alamo, 74, has been indicted for alleged violations of the Mann Act, which prohibits children being moved from one state to another for sexual purposes.

    Miller County Circuit Judge Jim Hudson heard testimony in the past week that children at the compound received beatings for seemingly minor infractions.


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