BAE mercenary charged with murdering Afghan civilian

This video is called Mercenaries in Afghanistan.

This video is called Mercenaries in Afghanistan part 2.

A video from Britain, which used to be at YouTube but was removed, used to say about itself:

George Galloway – The Value of Blood

It is about the killing of Afghan wedding guests by bombs from United States airplanes.

From Associated Press:

Contractor in Afghanistan charged with murder

November 20, 2008 1:05 PM ET

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A defense contractor who provided personal security to Afghan and Iraqi leaders has been charged with killing an Afghan civilian.

Documents filed in federal court in Virginia allege Don M. Ayala of New Orleans helped subdue and arrest civilian Abdul Salam after he tossed a container of flammable liquid at a fellow contractor.

Documents say that after learning the contractor had suffered serious burns, Ayala shot and killed Salam, who was handcuffed.

Ayala, who worked for contractor BAE Systems, is charged with murder in the Nov. 4 incident 50 miles west of Kandahar. A hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria has not been set.

From MSN News UK:

More than £100m was secretly paid by the arms company BAE to sell warplanes to South Africa, according to allegations in a detailed police dossier seen by the Guardian: here.

Anti-war activists are set to urge the Government to bring the “occupation” of Afghanistan to an end and bring UK troops home.

Robert Fisk: ‘Nobody supports the Taliban, but people hate the government‘.

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