Obama and the arts

This video is called Barack Obama – Speech on the 5th Anniversary of Iraq War.

From Art for a Change blog in the USA:

Obama’s Arts & Culture Policy

It is noteworthy that the upcoming administration of President-Elect Barack Obama is the first to present a detailed formal arts policy prior to inauguration. To foster debate, this article will reproduce in full, the Obama/Biden Platform In Support Of The Arts – with a link to the original .pdf document located on http://www.barackobama.com. I encourage a thorough reading of the platform, but also a vigorous debate of its various points.

Update 31 December 2008: here. Update 21 January 2009: here.

Obama, Sarkozy, and the arts: here.

Obama: Close Gitmo, Ban Torture to ‘Regain America’s Moral Stature’: here.

5 thoughts on “Obama and the arts

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos” FrankOfBos@yahoo.com

    Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:25 pm (PST)

    Speaking up for the Sacrifices of our Troops Fighting Bush’s Wars –
    Bush History, 11/17

    On this date, Vietnam vet and congressman John Murtha speaks of the
    sacrifices of the troops fighting Bush’s wars. Also on this date, the
    Associated Press reports an 80% increase in the desertion rate since
    the invasion of Iraq. Little wonder, given that “We’re asking a lot of
    soldiers these days”: deployment after deployment, stop-loss orders,
    etc. The soldiers and their families pay a high price for Bush’s


    Today’s category: Deficit Mismanagement, Iraq


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