7 thoughts on “US racism after Obama’s election

  1. Since the recent election of now President Obama I have noticed a funny thing. I am a 39 year old White looking South Carolina male. I would probably best fit into the middle to lower class. I am not however a Red-neck or a Racist. This would be impossible for me since my grandmother was a African American -grand-daughter of slaves here in SC.
    The point I would like to make it that I feel African Americans some not all. Have taken the idea that this is their President and not our President. I told a group of African Americans at the Mall the other day standing in line waiting to purchase a Obama Yes we did it T-shirt, that I was proud that finally one of our own had made it through that glass ceiling. And they all turned and looked at me. Several people said, “Who are you your not African American”. Now mind you I am tanned skinned but browned haired. I explained to them that I was of a proud African American descent right here in South Carolina and Since Obama was not 100 percent African American I felt like he was perhaps most like me! And I was glad that an African American like me had become President. Well that is when the fireworks started. Somehow to this group of African Americans most of who had never marched on Selma as my ancestors did or had to hide in the bushes along the dirt roads at night when you seen lights coming. Were somehow now the ghosts of all civil rights leaders and movements and of the slaves even and they tried to make me feel like I was not worthy to be called an African American because the only thing I can figure is I got a little to light in my skin. So I wonder if we all can just get along. I thought Obama was a man. To me he is Half and Half half white and half African American just like me! And if it makes everyone feel better I voted for the African American Half ok! Thank you! Carl Koch


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