Iceland anti government demonstration

This video says about itself:

Protests in Reykjavik, Iceland, 08.11.2008

Icelanders protesting the government and Davíð Oddsson, head of the Icelandic central bank, following the complete meltdown of the nation’s banking and economic system.

From Dutch NOS TV:

In Reykjavik, about 6000 Icelanders have demonstrated against the consequences of the financial crisis. They threw eggs and tomatoes at the parliament building, and demanded that [Rightist] Prime Minister Haarde should quit.

The government of Iceland is in danger of bankruptcy because the three biggest Icelandic banks have collapsed. Only the IMF may save the government’s coffers. In recent months, inflation and unemployment in Iceland have gone up sharply.

In Brussels, hundreds of customers of the failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing have demonstrated for getting their savings back. They think that Belgium and Luxembourg are not doing enough for them.

See also here.

Facegroup group of Icelandic government opponents: here.

6,000 is very many demonstrators for Iceland. Which has only 300,000 inhabitants and where distances to the capital are long.

G-20 summit: More like London 1933 than Bretton Woods 1944: here.

3 thoughts on “Iceland anti government demonstration

  1. Seven arrests over banking collapse

    BANKING: Seven men were arrested in London today following an investigation into the collapse of Icelandic firm Kaupthing Banking.

    The Serious Fraud Office, together with the City of London Police, Essex Police and with the assistance of Icelandic investigators, carried out co-ordinated operations in London and Reykjavik.

    Two business properties and eight residential addresses were searched in London.

    Seven men, aged between 42 and 54, were arrested and taken to police stations for interview.


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