4,300-year-old Egyptian pyramid found in Saqqara

This video is called The Step Pyramid at Saqqara in Egypt. It says about itself:

31 July 2008

An over view of King Djoser’s step pyramid at Saqqara in Egypt showing diagrams, photos and a 3D reconstruction.

By Mark Millmore.

From Associated Press:

4,300-year-old Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

11 November 2008

SAQQARA, Egypt (AP) — Egypt’s chief archaeologist has announced the discovery of a 4,300-year-old pyramid in Saqqara, the sprawling necropolis and burial site of the rulers of ancient Memphis.

The pyramid is said to belong to Queen Sesheshet, the mother of King Teti who was the founder of the 6th Dynasty of Egypt‘s Old Kingdom.

Egypt’s antiquities chief Zahi Hawass made the announcement Tuesday at the site in Saqqara, about 12 miles south of Cairo.

Hawass’ team has been excavating the site for two years. He says the discovery was only made two months ago when it became clear that the 16-foot-tall structure uncovered from the sand was a pyramid.

Hawass says the new pyramid is the 118th discovered so far in Egypt.

See also here. And here.

Photos here.

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