Wetar Ground-dove rediscovered in Indonesia


This is a video of a zebra dove nest.

From Wildlife Extra:

Endangered Wetar Ground-dove rediscovered on Wetar Island, Indonesia

25/10/2008 23:30:36

Timor Imperial Pigeon also recorded in good numbers

October 2008. Scientists working for the UK-based conservation charity Columbidae Conservation have rediscovered the endangered Wetar Ground-dove (Gallicolumba hoedtii), one of the world’s least known birds, on the islandof Wetar. There have been no official records of the species on Wetar Island for 100 years. These initial observations on Wetar are therefore very good news for the species future conservation as, apart from Wetar the species only occurs on one other island, the neighbouring island of Timor (Indonesia / Timor-Leste). The project continues; after fulfilling its initial aim to determine whether the Wetar Ground-dove was still present on Wetar, data is now being collected on its distribution, habitat requirements and to identify any threats it may be facing.

Locally abundant

The scientists report that not only has the species been rediscovered but it is likely to be locally abundant. At one location, the team observed a congregation of 30-40 birds feeding on fallen fig (Ficus) fruits – this represents by far the largest ever recorded gathering. The team also reported that another endangered species of pigeon, the Timor Imperial Pigeon (Ducula cineracea) is also locally abundant. At the time of writing, 39 new bird species have been recorded for the island.

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