Birds of Palau

This 2017 video is called Migratory shorebird conservation in Palau.

From BirdLife:

Palau publishes IBA directory


The Palau Conservation Society (PCS, BirdLife in Palau) has recently published the book Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Palau. The Republic of Palau is a small island nation in the tropical western Pacific, and the westernmost island group in the sub-region known as Micronesia.

The book, which describes the eight IBAs that have been identified by PCS and partners, will be distributed to decision-makers, traditional leaders, communities, land-owners and visitors. The identification of IBAs is expected to contribute to the on-going identification and management of protected areas in Palau.

“The eight IBAs identified in the new book cover about 47% of Palau’s total land area. Two of these sites, the remote southwest islands of Fana and Helen, are significant for their congregations of seabirds, especially Great Crested Terns Sterna bergii and Black Noddies Anous minutus”, said Dr Elizabeth Matthews, PCS Chief Program Officer.

“Three of the other sites are on Babeldaob, Palau’s largest island. These sites are important habitats for endemic forest birds”, noted Dr Matthews. Ngeriungs, an island in the Kayangel atoll, has Palau’s largest known population of Endangered Micronesian Megapodes Megapodius laperouse. The Rock Islands, Palau’s primary diving and recreation destination, was identified as an IBA for the presence of Micronesian Megapodes, as well as restricted-range, endemic forest birds.

Ngeruktabel, one of the largest of the Rock Islands and Peleliu (another IBA) were the only two places in Palau where all of the country’s nine endemic species were found. This included Near-Threatened Palau Ground-dove Gallicolumba canifrons, Palau Fruit-dove Ptilinopus pelewensis, Palau Scops-owl Otus podarginus, Palau Swiftlet Collocalia pelewensis, Palau Fantail Rhipidura lepida, Palau Bush-warbler Cettia annae, Near-Threatened Giant White-eye Megazosterops palauensis, Dusky White-eye Zosterops finschii and Morningbird Colluricincla tenebrosa.

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