US missiles kill Pakistani civilians

This video from Pakistan says about itself:

It seems that USA needs a new country to destroy and Pakistan has become the latest vicitm in this never-ending so-called “war on terrorism”. Ferocious attacks of US Air Force and Army have began against Pakistan, and as of September 2008, US attacks have killed more than 90 women and children and injured more than 200….how could they ever love USA???

From British daily News Line:

Friday, 17 October 2008


WITH the world’s attention focussed on the capitalist crisis, the US military have unleashed a series of massive attacks on the Afghan and Pakistani people.

Pakistani officials reported yesterday that a US drone has fired a missile in South Waziristan, inside Pakistan, at a house inside the village of Sam, killing five people.

In the last three weeks dozens of missiles have been fired from US drones inside Pakistan.

Residents of South Wazirstan say that they are now used to seeing missile armed spy drones, controlled from the USA, circling over the area like deadly vultures.

Spy drones are still reported to be circling over the area of the missile strike on Sam village with local people fearing further attacks.

The US military says that the missile attacks are aimed at Taleban targets, but residents on the ground say that large numbers of women and children are being slaughtered in these attacks.

Pakistani government officials have condemned these attacks
by their US ally.

US carries out fresh air strike in Pakistan: here.

10 thoughts on “US missiles kill Pakistani civilians


    New intelligence report says Pakistan is ‘on the edge’
    A U.S. official who participated in drafting the top secret National Intelligence Estimate said it portrays the situation in Pakistan as “very bad.” Another official called the draft “very bleak,” and said it describes Pakistan as being “on the edge.”

    Villagers bury ‘US strike’ dead
    Pakistani villagers have collected the corpses and body parts of at least 20 people killed by a reported US strike.



    U.S. military trains government death squads.
    The trainers will provide counterinsurgency instruction to Pakistani army soldiers, who in turn will train members of the Frontier Corps, the government’s paramilitary force in the FATA.

    Join government militia — or else
    We were pressured by the government to take action because they warned, ‘If you don’t take action you will be bombed.’ ”


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