Purple heron and snipes

This is a red crested pochard video.

Today, to a boat in Naardermeer nature reserve, like about a year ago.

Like last year, on our way, we passed circles of Clitocybe nebularis mushrooms.

Nuthatch sounds.

West of the Naardermeer, a great egret.

A kestrel flying past.

This time, it was a bigger boat than last year.

A great egret flying past the boat.

Many snipes flying away.

Great crested grebes.

Our guide tells us that today, about 1000 great cormorant couples a year nest in the Naardermeer. It used to be 5000, but that was before they could go to favourable breeding grounds like the Oostvaardersplassen in the new polders.

Around the great cormorant colony, the bird dung makes the water eutrophic. It is the only place in the Naardermeer where duckweed, which needs eutrophic water, grows.

Many chockeberries, their leaves red now in autumn, grow here. Originally, they are from North America. They were brought from there to European gardens. Then, birds eating the berries brought them to marshy nature reserves.

A purple heron which has not yet migrated to Africa flies past. More about this species, especially in the Naardermeer: here.

Whirligig beetles and pondskaters in the water.

A red crested pochard duck.

During a walk, a stinkhorn.

Back on the lake, many tufted ducks and common pochards.

After leaving the boat, on the west side of the Naardermeer, shovelers.

In the Corversbos, a buzzard landing on a field, then flying away.

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