Roe deer, dragonfly, fungi

This video, including birdsong, says about itself:

Gooilust estate in The Netherlands; taken Saturday 10 May 2008.

Today, to Gooilust and Corversbos, two nature reserves bordering on each other.

In the morning sun, a male and a female roe deer on a field.

Also after the official migratory bird counting by the local birders was over, still scores of chaffinches, probably from Scandinavia, flying across the maize field.

A robin. A willow tit moving fast in the bushes. A nuthatch sitting on a wooden fence.

A dark brown, smallish, dragonfly sits down on the rucksack, on sleeves, on knees.

Jay sounds.

A group of fly agaric mushrooms, some of them very big.

On a branch on the forest floor, Trametes versicolor.

A short-toed treecreeper climbing up a big tree.

Bird song research: here.

6 thoughts on “Roe deer, dragonfly, fungi

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