New Asian fish species

Glyptothorax exodonFrom Practical Fishkeeping:

Scientists from Singapore and Indonesia have described a new species of hillstream catfish from the Alas River drainage in Aceh province in northern Sumatra.

The description of the new sisorid species, named Glyptothorax plectilis by Heok Hee Ng and Renny Hadiaty, is published in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

Also from Practical Fishkeeping:

The Odessa barb has been formally named Puntius padamya by Sven Kullander and Ralf Britz after the first wild-caught specimens were obtained from Myanmar.

Publishing the description in the latest issue of the Electronic Journal of Ichthyology, the authors distinguish the new species from other members of the P. conchonius group (to which it belongs) by the males possessing a broad red band from the head to the base of the caudal fin, abdominal scales with dark margins, and hyaline dorsal, anal and pectoral fins with conspicuous black spots and black distal margins.

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