Economic crisis today

This video from the USA, by pro capitalist video makers, says about itself:

On April 16 [2008] in Washington, D.C., the Ad Hoc National Network to Stop Evictions & Foreclosures organized a demonstration outside a meeting of the Mortgage Bankers Associaton at the Washington Court Hotel.

The economic crisis continues today.

Panic grips global financial markets.

European stock markets in freefall following Paris financial summit: here.

Iceland suspends trading in bank shares as financial crisis hits Scandinavia hard: here. And here.

Sri Lankan officials offer empty reassurances over the global financial crisis: here.

The financial crisis: A socialist perspective, by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin: here.

The global financial crisis: implications for Asia, by Reihana Mohideen: here.

Walden Bello: A primer on the Wall Street meltdown: here.

USA: Boss of Lehman Brothers left squirming as veteran Democrat grills him over multimillion-dollar pay: here.

EL SALVADOR: Increase in Poverty Driven by Soaring Food Prices: here.

France: The right wing wants to use the serious international financial crisis to get working-class families to agree to “blood, sweat, and tears”: here.

London: Thousands march to demand an end to child poverty.

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