Frog discoveries in Ecuador

This video is called Galapagos & Ecuador Nature.

From Wildlife Extra:

Four new species of frog and another ‘Extinct’ frog rediscovered in Ecuador

Courtesy of the World Land Trust

September 2008. Herpetologists from the Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales (Ecuadorian Museum of Natural Sciences) have been surveying EcoMinga‘s reserves and have discovered four apparently new species of frogs in and around the reserves.

They estimate that the total number of frog species in the Cerro Candelaria Reserve (EcoMinga’s largest reserve, bought with help from the World Land Trust) is around forty. This is good news in a world where most news about frogs is very depressing.

Rediscovered Harlequin frog

The herpetologists were especially thrilled to find a surviving population of a harlequin frog (Atelopus palmatus) that was thought to be extinct; this was found near EcoMinga’s Rio Zuñac reserve. Their investigations of EcoMinga’s reserves were funded by WLT trustee Nigel Simpson.

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