Kestrel, and porpoise again

Today, at first a walk to the forest to the north of the village.

Many Helvella crispa fungi.

Helvella crispa

A bit further, pheasants.

Then, a buzzard on the top of a pine tree.

As we reach the coast: lesser black-backed gulls; common gulls; black-headed gulls; shelducks; great cormorants.

Then, it starts raining cats and dogs.

In the afternoon, long-tailed tits near the white lighthouse.

Then, a kestrel hovering.

Near the beach, many oystercatchers and dunlin. Two shelducks. A group of sanderlings and turnstones comes close. A little ring-necked plover joins them.

Then, again a beached harbour porpoise; near beach pole 2 600. This little cetacean is a bit bigger than yesterday’s porpoise. It may have beached earlier than the Eilanderbalg one, as decay has progressed further.

At the hide, many waves in the lake because of the strong wind. Still, more Eurasian wigeon than yesterday.

A bit further, twenty little egrets sitting on the lower branches of their usual trees.

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