Bush using US Army against opponents

This video from the USA is called Domestic Democracy or Foreign Imperialism.

By Bill Van Auken:

Army deploys combat unit in US for possible civil unrest

25 September 2008

For the first time ever, the US military is deploying an active duty regular Army combat unit for full-time use inside the United States to deal with emergencies, including potential civil unrest.

Beginning on October 1, the First Brigade Combat Team of the Third Division will be placed under the command of US Army North, the Army’s component of the Pentagon’s Northern Command (NorthCom), which was created in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with the stated mission of defending the US “homeland” and aiding federal, state and local authorities.

The unit—known as the “Raiders”—is among the Army’s most “blooded.” It has spent nearly three out of the last five years deployed in Iraq, leading the assault on Baghdad in 2003 and carrying out house-to-house combat in the suppression of resistance in the city of Ramadi. It was the first brigade combat team to be sent to Iraq three times.

While active-duty units previously have been used in temporary assignments, such as the combat-equipped troops deployed in New Orleans, which was effectively placed under martial law in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this marks the first time that an Army combat unit has been given a dedicated assignment in which US soil constitutes its “battle zone.”

The Pentagon’s official pronouncements have stressed the role of specialized units in a potential response to terrorist attack within the US. …

However, the mission assigned to the nearly 4,000 troops of the First Brigade Combat Team does not consist merely of rescuing victims of terrorist attacks. An article that appeared earlier this month in the Army Times (“Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1”), a publication that is widely read within the military, paints a different and far more ominous picture.

“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control,” the paper reports. It quotes the unit’s commander, Col. Robert Cloutier, as saying that the 1st BCT’s soldiers are being trained in the use of “the first ever nonlethal package the Army has fielded.” The weapons, the paper reported, are “designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them.” The equipment includes beanbag bullets, shields and batons and equipment for erecting roadblocks.

It appears that as part of the training for deployment within the US, the soldiers have been ordered to test some of this non-lethal equipment on each other.

“I was the first guy in the brigade to get Tasered,” Cloutier told the Army Times. He described the effects of the electroshock weapon as “your worst muscle cramp ever—times 10 throughout your whole body.”

Naomi Wolf on this: here.

Pentagon to deploy 20,000 troops on domestic “anti-terror” mission: here.

An unarmed 16-year-old boy died April 10 after police fired a Taser on him: here. And here.

The British Columbia Supreme Court has handed down a ruling rejecting the claims of Taser International and vindicating the findings of a provincial public inquiry that tasers can cause serious injury or death: here.

Video footage of a Western Australian prisoner being repeatedly tasered and the death of a Sydney man have highlighted the alarming increase in the use of electric stun guns by Australian police: here.

2 thoughts on “Bush using US Army against opponents

  1. Netherlands: NATO Trains For International
    > Urban Warfare
    > http://www.act.nato.int/news.asp?storyid=305
    > NATO International
    > Allied Command Transformation
    > September 25, 2008
    > Workshop aims to enhance
    > urban operations
    > By U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd
    > Class Sara Allison
    > [ “In Iraq and Afghanistan, Alliance forces operate in
    > circumstances that can easily flow between rural and
    > urban environments very quickly. We have learned
    > important lessons from Madrid, London, New York,
    > Bali and Somalia.” ]
    > The ability to operate in an urban environment is
    > the focus of the Combined Joint Urban Operations
    > Workshop, which will be held Oct. 6-10 in ‘t Harde,
    > the Netherlands.
    > The Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and U.S. Joint
    > Forces Command (USJFCOM) second annual Combined
    > Joint Urban Operations Workshop will kick off in ‘t Harde,
    > Netherlands October 6-10.
    > This co-sponsored workshop will address the NATO
    > Combined Joint Urban Operations (CJUO) Concept
    > Capability Requirements from a tactical, operational
    > and strategic standpoint.
    > Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation,
    > Italian Navy Adm. Luciano Zappata explained the
    > importance of the ability to operate in an urban
    > environment.
    > “In Iraq and Afghanistan, Alliance forces operate in
    > circumstances that can easily flow between rural and
    > urban environments very quickly,” said Zappata. “We
    > have learned important lessons from Madrid, London,
    > New York, Bali and Somalia.”
    > The four-day workshop will include three panel
    > presentations covering Concepts, Current Operations
    > and Capabilities. This will form the base for a
    > detailed examination of selected capabilities in
    > syndicate work.
    > “This conference will be a major step forward in the
    > ACT-JFCOM collaborative effort to institutionalize
    > urban operations doctrine and training foundation
    > within NATO,” said Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Lt.
    > Col. Bas Van Rijswijk, ACT Joint Urban operations
    > working group leader.
    > “Addressing the operational and tactical level with
    > the identified capability requirements will assist ACT
    > and other NATO commands and agencies to reach
    > specific solutions to capability shortfalls.”
    > The workshop exists to facilitate a combined joint
    > operations capability that leverages, integrates and
    > synchronises the efforts of all NATO and non-NATO
    > Nations in direct support of current and future
    > operational requirements within the Alliance.


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