German, French war in Afghanistan

This is a video from Germany about a 20.02.2010 Berlin anti-Afghan war protest.

Over 5,000 people were demonstrating in Germany against the war in Afghanistan on 20 September 2008.

By Ludwig Weller:

Germany’s war in Afghanistan

24 September 2008

The official explanation that the 3,500 German soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are only “construction workers in uniform” is no longer tenable. The events in which they are embroiled are becoming bloodier each day. Increasingly, German soldiers are killing insurgents and civilians, or are themselves being killed.

Even the Bundeswehrverband (Armed Forces Association), which regards the Afghanistan deployment quite favourably, has accused the German government of deception and of downplaying the dangers. “We are at war,” association chairman Bernhard Gertz told the press.

Social Democratic Party (SPD) defence expert Jörn Thiessen and his Free Democratic Party (FDP) colleague Birgit Homburger expressed similar sentiments. “The government is putting up a smoke screen and is afraid of a public debate,” Homburger told Financial Times Deutschland.

French troops in Afghanistan: here.

French parliament votes for continued military presence in Afghanistan: here.

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