Shell gas deal in Iraq

This video is called A Public Disservice Announcement from Shell.

From Dutch NOS TV:

The oil corporation Shell has signed a contract in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, for exploitation of gas fields in the south of the country. It was signed in the heavily guarded Green Zone.

See also here. And here. And here.

US generals planning for resource wars: here.

7 thoughts on “Shell gas deal in Iraq

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos”

    Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:35 am (PDT)

    Little US or Iraqi Support for Iraq War, & Bush vs. Clinton on Getting
    Osama – Bush History, 9/25

    There is evidence on this date that neither Americans nor Iraqis are
    very supportive of Bush’s Iraq mis-adventure. Also, a comparison of
    Bush vs. Clinton, pre-9/11, on efforts to get bin Laden. And a Bushism.

    Get the details …

    Poor George’s Almanac: 365 Reasons to Fight Against McBush’s 3rd Term!

    Today’s categories: Bushisms, Iraq, Weak on Terrorism


  2. Posted by: “frankofbos”

    Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:41 am (PDT)

    Bush History,9/27-CIA Top Analyst: Bush went to war without asking for
    or heeding intelligence agencies

    CIA Top Analyst: Bush went to war ignoring intelligence agencies –
    Bush History, 9/27

    Damning words in the news today as a top CIA analyst blasts Bush over
    Iraq. Warnings of problems like Shiite/Sunni violence: ignored. Bush
    made “the most significant national security decisions” without relying
    on intelligence; in fact, he “went to war without requesting …
    intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq” with the exception of
    pressure to find the nonexistent Saddam/al Qaeda link

    Get the details …

    Poor George’s Almanac: 365 Reasons to Fight Against McBush’s 3rd Term!

    Today’s categories: Ignoring Experts, Iraq


  3. Palin: U.S. has already won
    “[A] surge in Afghanistan also will lead us to victory there as it has proven to have done in Iraq.”

    It has?
    It is folly for any politician in Washington to think the Iraqi people will make peace with the continued occupation of their country, whatever deals Maliki may cut to preserve his own power and security.

    Resistance demands total withdrawal
    The first demand of the Iraqi resistance is the unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces illegally occupying Iraq — including private contractors — and disbanding all armed forces established by the occupation.

    Shell back in Baghdad after 36-year absence, but boxed in by resistance
    But in a sobering reminder of the underlying dangers of doing business here, the company would not disclose the location of its office, and the senior Shell official who announced the gas deal was accompanied by a phalanx of armed guards.

    Western lawyers belatedly figure out that Hussein’s trial was unfair
    Long before Mr. Hussein was hanged on Dec. 30, 2006, with supporters of Iraq’s new Shiite-led government taunting him as the noose was tightened around his neck, a pattern of intervention by powerful Iraqi officials had been established.

    US soldier accused of abusing and killing Iraqi
    Military prosecutors accused a U.S. soldier Sunday of taking an Iraqi detainee to a remote desert location, stripping him naked, shooting him in the head and chest and then watching as another soldier set fire to the body with an incendiary grenade.

    Murder charges against three Army sergeants, none against those who sent them
    If John Hatley, Joseph Mayo and Michael Leahy, Jr. — three platoon-level leaders — go to the dock for murdering four defenseless victims, then who goes to the dock for what Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and all their lying associates did to Iraq?

    Sexual cleansing in Iraq
    [W]hile Saddam was president, there was certainly no danger of gay people being assassinated in their homes and in the street by religious fanatics.


  4. Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:49 pm (PDT)
    Bush Last to Know that Saddam Didn’t Have WMDs? & Bush Plan to Muzzle
    Soldiers – Bush History, 9/30

    President Bush seems to be the last to know that Saddam didn’t have
    WMDs, given his statement on this date. Also, a new Bush strategy to
    keep the truth from Congress appears to be unfolding from the
    Pentagon. And a so-so Bushism.

    Get the details …

    Poor George’s Almanac: 365 Reasons to Fight Against McBush’s 3rd Term!

    Today’s categories: Betraying the CIA, Bushisms, Iraq, Manipulating
    Research, Proven Wrong


  5. US troops to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for years
    US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday American troops will remain in Iraq and Afghanistan for years.

    The most destructive, expensive empire since WWII
    No other country in the post-Second World War world has been so globally destructive or inflicted so many war fatalities. . . . Yet, so gargantuan and labyrinthine are U.S. military expenditures that the above grossly understates their true magnitude, which, as we shall see below, reached $1 trillion in 2007.

    Poor people are connecting the dots
    For the men in front of Johnson’s, there was plain symmetry between the Iraq war and the financial crisis: Young people shipped out to a trillion-dollar bloodbath in the Middle East, in pursuit of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction; and banks collapsing on top of mortgages.


  6. The cost of boots on the ground
    It takes half a million dollars per year to maintain one sergeant in combat in Iraq. . . . The 190,000 contractors in Iraq and neighboring countries, from cooks to truck drivers, have cost US taxpayers $100 billion from the start of the war through the end of 2008.


    ‘Please listen,’ say veterans of Iraq war
    “One day I will die. One day I will stop talking about this. So please listen.”

    Soldiers protest Iraq war
    “I think the occupation is illegal, immoral and the right thing to do is to give the country back to the people. We’ve taken away their sovereignty.”

    Interview with an Iraq vet
    When you see someone [who is] 18 or 19 die, someone who hasn’t lived or had real life experiences, didn’t have a chance to have a kid and a family, you think, Why are we doing this? People are dying. The Iraqis are dying. We’re killing off all of their people and for what?

    Ithaca becomes sanctuary for GI resisters

    Common Council Wednesday night unanimously passed a resolution designating Ithaca as a “Community of Sanctuary” for veterans and military personnel “who are organizing to stop the wars in and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”


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