Rare birds in nature reserve Zwanenwater

This video is about Zwanenwater nature reserve.

This year, some rare bird species have been recorded in Dutch nature reserve Zwanenwater.

The rarest of all was a paddyfield warbler, a relative of the threatened aquatic warbler. In June 2008, a paddyfield warbler was banded in Zwanenwater. This species had been recorded only 20 times before in the Netherlands.

In May 2008, there was a Bonelli’s warbler. A species with only 40 previous records in the Netherlands.

Regularly, this year in Zwanenwater, Cetti’s warbler were seen. They are a southern species gradually coming to the north because of climate change.

Count of Dutch birds in winter 2008: here.

Rare fungus in Zwanenwater: here.

7 thoughts on “Rare birds in nature reserve Zwanenwater

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