Australia’s Mary River threatened

This video from Australia says about itself:

The segment of the Mary River turtle from ABC Qld Stateline program on 7/9/07 and some international views on the Mary River dam.

By Carmel McGlinchey, in Brisbane, Australia:

Save the Mary River

20 September 2008

My cows can’t swim!”, protested one farmer’s sign, with a marker to indicate just how high the water would rise. “Act now or be dammed!”, advised another, echoing the overall theme of the 500-strong Save the Mary River rally on September 6 at the Traveston Crossing bridge in south-east Queensland.

The proposed dam on the Mary River has yet to be approved. According to campaign activists, the dam’s estimated output (less than 10% in current drought conditions) pales in comparison to the ecological and agricultural devastation that it would likely cause.

The proposed location of the dam is on an alluvial flood plain in a river system that is home to the endangered Mary River turtle and Mary River cod, and the Queensland lungfish, which is listed as vulnerable. Studies indicate that species relocation programs do not effectively protect and maintain populations.

If the dam goes ahead, there will also be increased methane emissions and much viable farmland will be four metres or more under water. For more information, visit

Mary River dam delayed: here.

3 thoughts on “Australia’s Mary River threatened

  1. Thanks for this article! Please note that the correct website address for all the info on the proposal is (savethemary is not an aligned site, but an advert based leech). I am a farmer of the Mary Valley and, although our property is not threatened by inundation, the effect this proposal has had on our communities is much, much worse than that of any other war to which we have lost our people. It is a ridiculous, politically-based decision with no solid scientific, economic or rational support, and has so far cost the Queensland taxpayers about half a billion dollars, just to try and justify it through 1000+ page reports and buying up good farming land. A disgusting waste, when there are so many other viable, sustainable alternatives!


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