US bombs kill Iraqi women

This video is called COLLATERAL DAMAGE! America’s War Against Iraqi Civilians.

From the BBC:

US air raid kills Iraq civilians

The US military says seven people, including three women civilians, have been killed in an air strike in Iraq. …

Reports quote Iraqi officials and neighbours saying that the family whose members were killed in the air strike had no connection to the insurgency.

3 thoughts on “US bombs kill Iraqi women

  1. U.S. airstrike kills at least 7 in Iraqi village . . . .
    “This family was a victim of terrorism before, and now they are the victims of the Americans.”

    U.S. still imprisons thousands of Iraqis

    The number of detainees the US military is holding in Iraq will probably exceed 15,000 by year’s end.


  2. Amnesty: Many crimes of U.S.-backed regime

    The easy availability of small arms and lack of accountability in Iraq has contributed to sectarian killings by armed groups, as well as torture and other ill-treatment; extra-judicial executions by Iraqi government forces and the continuing arbitrary detention of thousands of suspects by Iraqi soldiers backed by US armed forces since 2003.”

    Ethnic cleansing, not “surge,” caused decline in sectarian violence
    “Our findings suggest that the surge has had no observable effect, except insofar as it has helped to provide a seal of approval for a process of ethno-sectarian neighborhood homogenization that is now largely achieved.”

    But resistance continues
    “Honestly, I don’t know who we are fighting,” said Staff Sgt. Tim Carter, who has survived six roadside bomb attacks. . . . “I think the (American) people think the war is over. But they don’t realize the amount of contact that we receive out here.”

    And continues
    “The security improvement is just in the media, it has nothing to do with reality.”

    Seven GIs die in copter crash
    It was the 69th helicopter to go down in Iraq since the start of the war.

    U.S. war crimes go unpunished
    With a very few exceptions, most who were court-martialed have been acquitted. Those who were convicted have generally served light sentences.

    Vets’ transforming trauma
    “I realised it wasn’t about freedom and democracy, and the way we conducted ourselves, and the way we brutalised the people, made me against the occupation.”

    Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan: Eyewitness accounts of the occupation
    [A] gut-wrenching, historic chronicle of what the U.S. military has done to Iraq, as well as its own soldiers.


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