Death of Jean Charles de Menezes investigated in London

This documentary video from Britain is called The Last 60 Minutes of Jean Charles de Menezes.

From British daily News Line:

Thursday, 18 September 2008


The inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes will begin next Monday 22nd September at 10am at the Oval Cricket Ground, The Brit Oval, Kennington, London, SE11 5SS.

It will be running from Monday to Thursday every week and is expected to last three months.

The inquest is the first public examination of the evidence relating to how Jean was killed and will be the first time evidence is heard from the firearms officers who shot Jean and from civilian witnesses to the killing.

Jean’s cousins in the UK will be attending the inquest and his mother and brother will be coming over from Brazil for approximately one month of the inquest from early October.

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead on 22nd July 2005 at Stockwell tube station by Metropolitan Police officers.

Despite two official IPCC investigations and a guilty jury verdict at the Health and Safety trial at the Old Bailey no officer has ever been held to account for their actions.

On 22nd September 2008, the inquest into his death will finally take place.

The inquest will be the first opportunity the Menezes family have had to ask their questions and confront the police officers involved in the operation in a public court.

The Jean Charles de Menezes Campaign is asking supporters to attend the first day of the inquest – 22nd September – and the day the firearms officers give evidence, to send a strong message of support to the Menezes family.

Jean was born in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He grew up in the small countryside village of Gonzaga, where his parents were labourers with a small piece of land they farmed.

He liked parties, was always in the company of friends and was loved by both his immediate family and his extended family of many cousins, uncles and aunts.

Jean came to London in 2002 to raise money for himself and his family and to improve his English and broaden his experience of the world.

On 22nd July 2005, Jean was at Stockwell tube station when he was shot seven times in the head by police officers as part of a pre-planned anti-terrorist operation. He was 27 years old.

Since his death, Jean’s cousins in London have tirelessly campaigned for justice and accountability in relation to his death and to raise public awareness of the issues arising from his death.

Update 22 September 2008: here. And here.

23 September 2008: here. And here.

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