Brown looking for Thatcher’s advice

This video from Britain says about itself: ‘UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about his undying admiration for Margaret Thatcher.’

From British daily The Guardian:

Thatcher to meet with Brown on nostalgic return to Chequers

Margaret Thatcher is to return to Chequers tomorrow at the invitation of Gordon Brown, it emerged last night. The prime minister is expected to discuss the global downturn with the woman who dealt with some of Britain’s toughest postwar economic conditions.

In a departure from his high profile courting of Thatcher exactly a year ago, when she visited Downing Street in full view of the cameras, Brown has arranged for a low key lunch in the relative privacy of the prime minister’s official country residence in Buckinghamshire. …

Downing Street is likely to be careful to play down the political significance of tomorrow’s meeting. Thatcher, who will celebrate her 83rd birthday next month, is in fragile health. Her daughter Carol said last month that the former prime minister has been suffering from dementia for at least seven years.

Some people will say that Thatcher suffered from dementia already during her time in office, even before the full effects of her alcohol consumption showed.

What a sad reflection on the leader of what officially is still called the “Labour” party that he values advice on economic policies from someone who is not only demented, but also very Rightist.

3 thoughts on “Brown looking for Thatcher’s advice

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