Australian corporations’ pollution

This video says about itself:

This is an incredible modern-day story of a native peoples’ victory over Western globalization. Sick of seeing their environment ruined and their people exploited by the Panguna Mine, the Pacific island of Bougainville rose up against the giant mining corporation, Rio Tinto Zinc.

From WWF Australia:

Aussie power generators flunk carbon test: WWF

Eleven dinosaurs of Australia’s power generating industry, including poor performers Rio Tinto, Alcoa and Intergen, are horribly unprepared for a low carbon future, a new report has shown.

According to the 2008 WWF-Australia Power Generators Carbon Future Score Card almost half of the 19 generators audited fared very badly, with 11 companies rating two or less stars out of a possible five.

Despite knowing for 20 years that carbon emissions would have to be cut, the carbon footprints of the worst performing companies from power generation and mining interests remain enormous and extremely damaging.

In addition, many still have to make their pollution reduction targets publicly available and some compound this with virtually no investment in low emissions technology research.

AUSTRALIA’S government said on Monday that it has postponed its proposal to tax polluting industries until 2011 – a delay of one year – because of the economic slowdown and concerns it would hurt business: here.

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