Somali schools on strike against Bush allies’ violence

This 2011 video is called ‘Somali civilians’ killed in Kenyan air raids.

From the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks in Africa:

Somalia: Schools Close in Protest Over Insecurity

3 September 2008
Posted to the web 4 September 2008


A three-day protest against insecurity and attacks targeting educational institutions in Mogadishu has shut down most schools and left thousands of children out of class, locals said.

“Almost 90 percent of primary and secondary schools in Mogadishu are participating in the strike,” said Abdulkadir Omar Roble, spokesman for the Education Fraternity, an umbrella organisation of education networks in the city, which organised the protest.

Deliberate attacks and targeting of schools were the main reasons for the strike, Roble told IRIN on 3 September. “In this year alone, six schools have been attacked, resulting in injuries to six students and two teachers,” he said.

Many schools in the city are totally destroyed and many students are no longer going to school. “We are losing a lot of children from classes because parents no longer feel their children will be safe,” he added.

A local civil society activist told IRIN the education system in the capital was “almost broke”.

“For some strange reason they seem to relish targeting schools,” he said, adding that this trend had forced many educators to close their schools and send the children home. “In the last two years, at least two dozen schools have either been destroyed or closed due to the insecurity.”

Roble accused government forces of attacking two schools last week, Imam Shaafi and SYL. “Five students and two teachers were injured in the attacks,” he said.

“These attacks are badly undermining an already weak education sector,” said the civil society activist. “Many in the education sector have worked hard over the last 18 years to restore education, but that is being undermined by the volatile situation.” …

“In the past 18 years we have not experienced these kinds of attacks on schools,” said Roble.

The present government in Mogadishu is based on the bayonets and bombs of Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, and his big brother George W. Bush.

3 thoughts on “Somali schools on strike against Bush allies’ violence

  1. Somalia: Seven Somali Soldiers, Ethiopian Officer Defect to Insurgency

    Garowe Online (Garowe)

    7 September 2008
    Posted to the web 8 September 2008

    A group of soldiers formerly loyal to the allied governments of Somalia and Ethiopia have reportedly switched sides and “surrendered” over to militants leading the insurgency, Radio Garowe reported Sunday.

    Abdirahim Isse Addow, a spokesman for the Islamic Courts movement, said seven Somali soldiers and one Ethiopian military officer said the Islamists would welcome the defecting soldiers.

    Soldiers and insurgents/GO

    “The Ethiopian officer told us he is Christian, but we will protect him…and introduce him to Islam,” said Addow, who was present when the soldiers were shown to local media.

    A soldier who spoke for the defecting Somali troops said they were all trained in Ethiopia and deployed at the ex-pasta factory, in north Mogadishu.

    The Ethiopian officer, who spoke in the Amharic language, said he is “worried” about his family in Ethiopia, fearing that the Meles Zenawi government might harm them as punishment for his defection.

    Somali government officials declined to respond to the defections when Garowe Online contacted them for comment.


  2. Eritrea: Press Release (Asmara)

    10 September 2008
    Posted to the web 11 September 2008


    In continuation of the invasion and blessing of invasion in violation of Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, foreign companies are engaged in the looting of fishery and other marine resources in the territorial waters of Somalia and the Southern Red Sea.

    Amid such illegal practices not different from acts of theft and banditry, rumors have repeatedly been disseminated over the past months claiming that ‘pirates have been seizing ships’ in Somali territorial waters. World media outlets have also been disseminating this rumor as it is without verifying its credibility and raising the basic questions of “from where did these so-called seized ships come from?” and “for what purpose are they in the territorial waters of sovereign states?”

    This campaign is designed to cover up these naked acts of looting and gross violation of international laws being committed in the territorial waters of Somalia and the Southern Red Sea through violating the sovereignty of countries on the one hand and deploying military force under the pretext of “combating piracy” so as to ensure exploitation on the other. And as such, the Government of Eritrea strongly opposes and condemns this practice, and calls on the international community to fulfill its legal obligation.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    10 September 2008


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