More murdered Colombian trade unionists than ever

This music video from the USA is called Drink of the Death SquadsDavid Rovics.

From Public Services International:

Already 38 assassinations of trade unionists in Colombia this year

The number of trade unionists killed in Colombia for this year has almost reached the total number of those killed in 2007.

On 23 August, José Omar Galeano Martínez was the 38th trade unionist assassinated this year. He was President of the Colombian Lottery Workers’ Federation (FECOLOC). In 2007, the total number of murders was 39.

The trade union centre CUT has expressed grave concern over the attitude of the Colombian authorities to the killings and says that they are “attempting to divert attention and concern away from the violence against the Colombian trade union movement“. They also point out that in the vast majority of cases in which a trade unionist is murdered, nobody is ever brought to justice.

Read the full report here.

5 thoughts on “More murdered Colombian trade unionists than ever

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