Illegal conditions for half of Japan’s young workers

This video is called “Against Coercion” Japanese Anti-War Teachers Fight Militarization Of Schools.

From Kyodo news agency in Japan:

Half of young workers experience illegal labor conditions: survey

Thursday 04th September, 06:01 AM JST


About half the young workers a nonprofit organization surveyed recently said they have experienced unpaid overtime and other illegal labor conditions, according to the survey results released Wednesday. Of them, 76% indicated they remained silent due to a sense of helplessness and fear of negative consequences, the survey found.

Tokyo-based POSSE, which supports young workers, said there is a growing sense of resignation among these people in the absence of support such as from labor unions. POSSE surveyed 500 workers aged up to 34, excluding students, in June and July on the streets of Shibuya Ward, Tachikawa city and two other locations in Tokyo.

The survey showed 51% of the respondents said they have experienced some form of illegal working conditions, with unpaid overtime topping the list. Other illegal labor conditions they experienced included no paid vacation and no social insurance benefits in addition to sexual and power harassment.

Shameful as this is: probably in many other countries the situation is similar or worse.

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