Weerribben nature reserve, final day

This is a video of a kestrel nest, in a church in Livorno, Italy.

Friday 29 August was the last day in Weerribben nature reserve.

For the last time, to the hide where there had been a kingfisher day after day.

Today, there are birds in the trees of the small island just in front of the hide, where the kingfisher often sits. Not kingfishers today, but blue tit and chiffchaff.

Great cormorants on trees of a more distant, bigger island, spreading their wings to dry them.

And then, the kingfisher. Now we feel free to leave.

As we left Weerribben nature reserve, on the canal first a juvenile great crested grebe; then, an adult great crested grebe.

A buzzard flying away from a pole in a meadow.

A kestrel hovering in the air.

Weerriben, best place for dragonflies: here.

4 thoughts on “Weerribben nature reserve, final day

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