Refugee children in British jails

This Februari 2015 video from Australia is called Kids out of detention – watch and then sign the petition at

From British daily News Line:

Friday, 29 August 2008


A damning report, the second in seven days on the British government’s practice of incarcerating children in UK removal centres was published yesterday.

Excerpts follow from the report on a fully announced inspection of Tinsley House Immigration Removal Centre on 10-14 March this year by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers.

Owers report said: ‘Our principal concerns about safety are related to children.

‘While staff in the family centre made considerable efforts to support children and their families, they could do little to mitigate the damaging effects of their detention, the length of which often extended into days or even weeks.

‘While support from local social services staff had improved, there was still a lack of appropriate care planning and no formal links with local children’s safeguarding arrangements. Not all staff had received child protection training.

‘. . . we were disturbed to observe some unprofessional conduct by external escort staff.

‘. . . we were concerned to find two recent examples of forced medication applied to detainees threatening self-harm, which had not been subject to thorough review to ensure their appropriateness.

‘. . . we were particularly troubled by the plight of single women.’

As you can see, this blog is back from this week’s short interruption. Welcome back on board everyone.

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