Businesses mislabel fish

This video from the USA is about a Pacific halibut filmed at Malibu, CA.

From CBC in Canada:

In cod we can’t trust: DNA shows fish often mislabelled for sale

Friday, August 22, 2008

Many consumers are being reeled in and are paying high prices for fish that has been mislabelled, according to a University of Guelph study.

The study, which will be published next week in the journal of Food Research International, tested the DNA of 100 fish samples taken from restaurants and markets in Toronto, Guelph, Ont., and New York City.

The researchers found that 25 per cent of the fish tested were mislabelled. The study showed, for example, that Atlantic Halibut was often sold as Pacific Halibut and samples of Atlantic cod and Acadian redfish were mislabelled as the pricier Red Snapper.

“This not only raises concerns of consumer fraud, but also public health,” said Robert Hanner, the associate director for the Canadian Barcode of Life Network, in a release.

“A person could have allergies to a certain species and if it’s mislabelled that could have dangerous consequences.”

Researchers also noted that some labels for endangered fish species had been swapped.

“Consumers may think they are doing the right thing for the environment by buying a certain type of fish that is eco-friendly when really they could actually still be buying exploited species,” said Hanner.

Atlantic wolffish: here.

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