European Greens expel “too Leftist” Danes

This video from Ireland says about itself:

A shocking short video documenting the Irish government’s plan to build a motorway through the historic Tara-Skryne valley

From the Socialist Unity Blog in Britain, from an item there by Derek Wall, of the left wing of the English-Welsh Green party:

Jean Thierry of the Danish Green Party on the crisis of European Greens

The Danish Green Party has been expelled from the European Green Party, while I would not share their 100% opposition to the EU and it is fair to see they have not been active as an independent electoral party, I feel it was wrong for them to be expelled. Jean Thierry outlines why he thinks green politics is fading amongst some European Greens. Food for thought, can the Green Party of England and Wales remain green and left in contrast to much of the movement in the wrong direction for sister parties in Europe. …

[Jean Thierry]: You are actually doing something very important by organising this Green Left tendency as a possible opposition to the alignment of the Greens in Europe.

For years I did try to make an alliance, a network even an organisation of the really Green parties within the EGP. But it was and especially is clear that consequent opposition is not wanted and eventually not accepted.

We will not try to rejoin the EGP, since it is clear that it is [un]reformable like the EU which it is a treaty stated part of. But we would like to participate in the formation of a network of Greener parties and ideological group that at least in some countries can participate in elections with Red or Red-Green parties and groups giving a real Green alternative to the withered EGP mainstream.

What the EGP leadership, the Committee, does is not maintaining the original green ideas and excluding those who oppose these ideas. It is rather the opposite, they are in a top-down approach imposing change away from the Green principles of anti-authoritarianism, direct democracy, ecology in a broad sense, real global thinking and responsibility.

During the ten years EFGP/EGP has become more and more aligned, and moved further away from the original Green ideas. Each voting in the Council or Congress is not important, because the real issue is that every time you vote, you are voting yourself into the EGP, accepting the convergence. It is only socialisation into the EGP and the EU. ..

his was exactly what happened in Ljubljana when our resolution on maintaining the more than once decided support for referenda on the Lisbon Treaty (aka the EU Constitution) was voted down.

Because the Committee spokespersons had been speaking out in the against referenda in the name of the EGP and thereby speaking against the decisions. But the belief in authorities means more to most member parties than their own decisions in council. And their own opinion as party at home. More than one party actually opposing the Lisbon Treaty at home and campaigning for a referendum did not vote in favour of our resolution. ….

EGP also accept SF from Denmark, because this party is successful and a probable governing party three or six years from now, even though their move towards the right have included harsh statements about immigrants, especially Muslims but lately also Catholics from Poland.

Almost everything in the political debate in mainstream media in Denmark is about foreigners and especially Muslims, so when it was revealed that the EC Court had made a decision which in a strange way made it difficult to maintain the strict limitations on taking a foreign wife or husband to Denmark, the power of this Court became a big issue in Denmark.

Good thing is that it highlighted how much power the EU has and that the politicians haven’t told the voters about it. It did get much more attention than other already made and much more severe decisions of the EC Court of so-called justice. These are only negative and concerns workers rights, animal welfare, the environment and food safety.

The view of The Greens and the Red-Green Alliance are similar: The Danish policy on foreigners shall be changed by the people and the parliament in Denmark and not the EU/EC court. It is not sustainable to do it in an undemocratic way, which could lead to more xenophobia, mutual understanding is very important in these issues. And next time it can easily go in the opposite direction.

We also want that human rights are ensured by the Human Rights Court of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and not the EC/EU market Court in Luxembourg. ..,

Actually the way the EU exploits Africa reminds of the way USA used to exploit Latin America. Already the opposition against the EU is quite strong in the Third World especially in Africa, and for good reasons, even though we never hear about it in mainstream media in Denmark.

More than one African artist have made songs against the Economic Partnership Agreements that the EU have tried to impose on the African countries.

This does not mention two main examples of rightist trends in European Green parties: the German Green party leaders supporting war in Yugoslavia while in a government coalition and in Afghanistan while in opposition; and the Irish Greens joining a Rightist government, dumping their previous support for opposition to the EU treaty, for stopping United States torture flights in Shannon airport, and for stopping plans for a road damaging Tara archaeological treasures (see also here on Tara).

German Greens prepare for coalition with CDU: here.

German Green politician Trittin: here.

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