Bush’s Ethiopian allies continue killing Somali civilians

This 2009 Associated Press video from Somalia is called People celebrate departure of Ethiopian troops from Mogadishu.

There was an earlier (October 3rd, 2007) Ethiopian attack on Mogadishu market.

Day after day, the bloodshed by the proxies of George W. Bush in Somalia continues.

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu) in Somalia:

Somalia: Fatal Shelling At Market

19 August 2008
Posted to the web 19 August 2008

Abdinasir Guled

At least 3 people have died and nine others have been hurt as Ethiopian forces backing the Somali government shelled Mogadishu’s main market on monday, witnesses say.

United States government and Somalia: here.

9 thoughts on “Bush’s Ethiopian allies continue killing Somali civilians


    Ethiopian forces in Somalia have killed at least 46 civilians after a roadside bomb ripped through their military convoy, residents said.

    [S]ome worry a more radical agenda in Somalia has been aided by U.S. counter-terrorism efforts during the last two years, including half a dozen airstrikes against suspected terrorist targets that often killed civilians. . . . “I’m telling you, the more Americans move against us, the more popular we become.”


  2. Eritrea: President Accuses U.S. of ‘Genocide’ in Somalia

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    29 August 2008
    Posted to the web 29 August 2008


    The Eritrean president, Isayas Afewerki, has said the current economic, political and security crises being witnessed in the world are the consequences of the “vulgar adventurism” of the US Administration.

    Presenting a report to a cabinet meeting in the capital, Asmara, on 28 August, President Isayas said the complicated issues and developments in the region were also part of the global political and security situations.

    The president reiterated that the “genocide” being carried out in Somalia by the US Administration and its “servants” was “the biggest crime of the 21st century”, and said even worse was the act of stifling to deny the situation the attention of the world.

    President Isayas said Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia had exacerbated the situation of the already troubled Horn of Africa region. Compounded by “the worsening internal political crisis” in Ethiopia as well as Sudan’s problems which were being complicated by “subversive” external interference were leading the Horn of Africa to “unimaginably dangerous” situation.

    Stating that various attempts were made to undermine the peace and tranquility in Eritrea, the president said the “conspiracy” to carryout a subversion (presumably against Eritrea) by placing Djibouti in the forefront in the last few months could not work because the Eritrean government and the peoples of Eritrea and Djibouti handled the issue with patience.

    Regarding the regional body, IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development), President Isayas said the organization had not been efficient since it had fallen victim to external interference, and needed reorganization.


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