Gay Indians demand British apology

This video is called Gay Pride Parade India – 29 June 2008.

By Jerome Taylor from Britain:

Minority report: Gay Indians demand a British apology

First it was slavery, then it was looting the world’s architectural treasures and hauling them back to our museums. Now it is homophobia.

Over the years Britain has been asked to apologise for many historical wrongs but activists in India are about to demand another apology.

Sixty-six years after Mahatma Gandhi told the British to quit India from a park in Mumbai, thousands of gay activists will gather in the same park tomorrow to call on the British government to apologise for introducing anti-sodomy laws that still make homosexuality illegal in India today.

Their call will be issued during the first gay pride march in Mumbai for three years and is part of a wider campaign to abolish a Section 377 of the Indian penal code which outlaws “unnatural sexual offences” and theoretically punishes anal or oral sex with up to ten years in prison.

In practice no-one has been prosecuted under the law in the past two decades but it has been used by officials to counter the work of HIV activists in some Indian states.

Report on the parade: here.

The White Tiger: how India’s poor pay for market’s failings: here.

11 thoughts on “Gay Indians demand British apology

  1. Dear friends,

    Two Indian judges just ruled that gay sex is ‘unnatural’ and can be punished with life sentences! Outrage is building, and if enough of us lend our support today, we can embarrass India and get this crazy ruling overturned. Sign now so that love conquers fear in India:

    Yesterday, two Indian Supreme Court judges decided that gay sex is illegal. ILLEGAL!! But if we act fast we can help reverse this crazy backwards ruling.

    Men and women in India now face police harassment and life imprisonment. This hateful decision is being met with outrage, and if we now show India that outlawing love is making them an international embarrassment we can get the Indian Parliament to fast track passing a law that the judges have to respect.

    Sign now to help love conquer fear in India. When we reach 1 million we’ll join with Indian activists to surround their Parliament and key embassies with a giant same-sex kiss and place prominent ads showing that the world will no longer accept making love illegal:

    The shocking court decision came as a surprise. In 2009, a lower court in India had ruled that a colonial-era law making gay sex illegal violated the Indian Constitution. Most people expected the Indian Supreme Court to uphold that ruling. Instead, they reversed it, endorsing the medieval argument that gay sex is “unnatural, immoral and a reflection of a perverse mind.”

    Indian lawyers are already preparing to challenge the decision in further legal proceedings, but the Indian Court essentially said this is an issue for the Indian Parliament to decide. The Indian government suggested they could take it to Parliament but that they likely won’t have the votes to change the law and that doing so could take a very long time. But if we make India an international pariah for outlawing gay sex, we can help swing votes and speed the process.

    Sign now and send this to 10 others — let’s make the response to the Indian Supreme Court’s decision overwhelming:

    In most of the world, gay rights have gone through a watershed decade. People everywhere are realizing, if they hadn’t already, that love is love and deserves respect and protection. But this didn’t happen by accident — it happened because of conscientious communities like ours who called out injustice wherever we saw it. India is now the next frontier — let’s join with those in India to stand up for love.

    With hope and determination,


    LGBT community outraged as SC rules gay sex illegal, upholds Sec 377

    India Top Court reinstates gay sex ban

    Delhi High Court strikes down Section 377 of IPC

    Article 377 and LGBT rights: here’s what you need to know


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