West tries to save Pakistani dictator Musharraf

This video is called Musharraf Dictator Martial Law.

From British daily The Guardian:

West’s diplomats rush to save Musharraf from impeachment as resignation rumours grow

· Britain and US say charges would only add to unrest
· But opposition coalition insists general is punished

British and American diplomats are attempting to find an exit for Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, a staunch western ally, before he is dragged through a humiliating impeachment process.

Rumours that Musharraf is set to quit have been circulating in Pakistan for several days. He has suffered a collapse in support as three of Pakistan’s four provincial parliaments have passed resolutions, with overwhelming backing, declaring him unfit for office. The fourth province is expected to follow soon.

The provincial votes were symbolic, but the formal process will begin early next week with an impeachment motion in the national parliament. It is clear that the ruling coalition now has the two-thirds majority needed to impeach him.

Government insiders said that if Musharraf wants to quit, he must do so before the impeachment proceedings begin, leaving him with only a few days.

His spokesman has rebutted any suggestion that he will step down.

Western diplomats have sought to convince the coalition government that impeachment would further undermine the security and political situation in crisis-racked Pakistan, and that he should instead be offered a “graceful exit”.

The victims killed under the Musharraf dictatorship were not offered any “graceful exit”; and “the West” did not try to save them as they try now with the bloody dictator.

Impeaching Musharraf would make a good precedent re Musharraf’s buddy/puppetmaster, George W. Bush.

Tariq Ali on Musharraf’s problems: here.

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