Polar bear eaten by Greenland shark

This video is about polar bears and Arctic global warming.

From Reuters:

Already threatened by a thaw of ice around the North Pole, the polar bear‘s title as the top Arctic predator may [be] under challenge from a shark.

Scientists researching how far sharks hunt seals in the Arctic were stunned in June to find part of the jaw of a young polar bear in the stomach of a Greenland shark, a species that favors polar waters.

“We’ve never heard of this before. We don’t know how it got there,” Kit Kovacs, of the Norwegian Polar Institute, told Reuters of the 10 cm (4 inch) bone found in a shark off the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

“We can’t say whether or not the shark took a swimming young bear” or ate a carcass, she said. “We don’t know how active these sharks are as predators.”

Most shark experts contacted said it was likely the bear was dead before the shark found it. Even a young, two- or three-year-old bear would be a ferocious opponent for a Greenland shark, which can grow to up to 7 meters (23 feet) and weigh more than a tonne. …

Bits of animals including caribou have been found in Greenland shark stomachs in the past — scavenged or attacked swimming.

Greenland caribou: here.

Polar bear poaching in Russia down – But climate change threatening their existence: here.

4 thoughts on “Polar bear eaten by Greenland shark

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos” FrankOfBos@yahoo.com

    Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:48 pm (PST)

    Bush History – Polar Bears in Danger, yet Bush Admin Won’t Say Why
    (Hint: it’s Warming!) – 12/27

    TIME takes a “gamble” naming George Bush ‘Person of the Year’ (2004).
    Also on this date (2006), it took the threat of a court order but the
    Interior Dept agrees to consider polar bears as endangered. Yet, they
    just can’t bring themselves to say why! It’s not that difficult
    really, just 2 words: “global warming”. Why is that so hard to say?
    Also, a related Bushism.

    More details, from the 2009 Bush Blunder Calendar …

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Global Warming Denial, The Corporation’s
    Yes Man


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