New lizard, snake species discovered in Vietnam

This video is about wildlife in Vietnam.

From Vietnamnet:

Two species of lizard and one species of rattle-snake were recently discovered on mountains in the provinces of Binh Thuan, Dong Nai and Kien Giang.

The two new species of lizard belong to gekkonidae family. The first species, called Ta Kou lizard (Cyrtodactylus takouensis sp. nov. Ngô & Bauer, 2008), is 171.4mm long. Its back has 5 lines in light chocolate and five lines in yellow. Its tail has 3 lines. This lizard was found in a cave in the Ta Kou Nature Reserve in Binh Thuan province.

The other species of lizard, named Huynh lizard (Cyrtodactylus huynhi sp. nov Ngô & Bauer, 2008 ) was discovered in a cave on Chua Chan mountain in Dong Nai province. It is 147.5mm long, with 5-6 lines in dark brown on its back and 10 lines in light and dark brown on its tail.

This lizard species is named after Professor Dang Huy Huynh, the first Rector of the Ecological and Fauna Resources Institute.

The Hon Son rattle-snake (Cryptelytrops honsonensis sp. nov. Grismer, Ngô & Grismer, 2008 ) belongs to Viperidae family and it was discovered on Hon Son Island, Kien Giang province. It is around 626-648mm long.

These discoveries are the result of cooperation between researcher Ngo Van Tri from the HCM City Tropical Biology Institute and Professor Aaron M. Bauer, Jesse .L. Grismer from Villanova University (US) and Professor L. Lee Grismer from La Sierra University (US).

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