US Navy sued on Puget Sound wildlife

This video is called Orca Whales in Puget Sound.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the USA:

Groups sue Navy over explosives disposal

Say marine life at risk in Puget Sound


Two environmental organizations, one based in the Seattle area and another in Washington, D.C., on Monday sued the Navy in federal court, saying that its continuing practice of detonating explosives in Puget Sound is potentially harmful to marine life and out of compliance with at least two major environmental protection laws.

“We believe they are in violation of the law,” said Brian Knutsen, a Seattle attorney representing the D.C.-based Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and Wild Fish Conservancy, a local group with headquarters in Duvall.

According to the lawsuit, the Navy conducts anywhere from three to five training exercises every month in which personnel detonate explosives in Puget Sound to dispose of them and to improve ordnance handling

The detonations, which the plaintiffs said take place in Hood Canal, Crescent Harbor and offshore from Port Townsend, cause “substantial fish kills and other impacts to the marine environment.” …

Of concern to most is the effect of these explosions on salmon, Gorman said, especially the endangered Chinook runs.

The plaintiffs, however, say the practice of setting off these explosions in Puget Sound also likely puts at risk orcas, sea lions, other fish runs and waterfowl.

World’s marine mammals under threat from noise pollution: here.

USA: Orca population bounces back in the Northwest: here.

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