Funeral of Croatian war criminal Sakic was neo nazi show

This is a video about mass murders in Croatia in 1941-1945 by local Hitler allies.

From the International Herald Tribune in the USA:

Jewish group condemns Nazi funeral

July 29, 2008

ZAGREB, Croatia: The funeral of a former Nazi concentration camp commander was used to celebrate his crimes, a Jewish human rights group said Tuesday and urged Croatia’s president to investigate.

Dinko Sakic‘s funeral was an “outrageous display of unrepentant racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia,” the Simon Wiesenthal Center‘s Israeli branch director, Efraim Zuroff, said in a letter addressed to President Stipe Mesic and faxed to The Associated Press.

Sakic died at age 87 on July 20 while serving 20 years in prison for war crimes he committed as head of the notorious Jasenovac camp, the worst of about 40 camps run by the then Nazi puppet regime of Croatia. …

Sakic was buried wearing the uniform of the Ustasha, the local pro-Nazi movement, according to the Croatian daily Vecernji. It said a priest called Sakic a “model for all Croatians.”

The funeral was private, attended by family and several minor right-wing politicians.

Croatian neo nazi band Thompson: here. More about Thompson and violent Croatian nationalism in this thread in the [Rightist] US forum “Free Republic”.

The British Croatian Hoare dynasty, apologists for anti-Semites, here.

15 thoughts on “Funeral of Croatian war criminal Sakic was neo nazi show

  1. I am forwarding this message from Priya Shah, one of our Euro candidates in
    London, and a young Green activist on immigration and anti-racism issues. I
    will write to the Mayor of Berlin and German embassy on behalf of the
    national party but it would be good if members could also address their
    protests to these authorities.

    Joseph Healy
    Green Party of England and Wales International Coordinator

    Dear All,

    The Neo-Nazis have announced that they will march on 23rd August to protest
    at the proposed building of a Hindu Temple in Berlin. They have decided to
    march through the largest immigrant district of Berlin (Neukoelln) ending at
    the proposed site as they believe that “symbols” of this nature attack
    ‘German’ culture.

    Curiously this ignores the fact that the swastika is an ancient hindu symbol
    which was hijacked by the Nazi Party as its’ official emblem. It’s ironic
    that the neo-nazis themselves don’t see this ‘foreign symbol’ as an attack
    on their fragile identity and may even use it during the march.

    We stand in opposition to the objectives and attitudes of this march and
    stand in solidarity with the immigrant communities of Berlin. We seek to
    take action to minimise the negative impacts of this march.

    If you would like to prevent this from taking place, please contact the
    following German departments/contacts to let them know that it won’t be seen
    lightly by the international community:

    Mayor of Berlin: Klaus Wowereit

    Der Regierende Bürger-
    meister von Berlin
    – Senatskanzlei –
    Rathausstr. 15
    10178 Berlin
    German Chancellor: Angela Merkel
    Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel
    Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
    10557 Berlin
    German Embassies in US:
    German Ambassador to UK
    Minister Plenipotentiary Dr. Eckhard Lübkemeier,
    London Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
    23 Belgrave Square
    London SW1X 8PZ

    Tel. 020 7824 1300
    Fax. 020 7824 1449 They have a form on the website but bureaucrats HAVE to
    do something with a real piece of paper!

    Many thanks for your solidarity,

    Priya Shah


  2. December 14, 2008
    Jewish organization not please with Estonia

    TALLINN – The Jewish human rights organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has once again ranked Estonia among the countries that have completely failed in bringing Nazi criminals to justice.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s report on the worldwide investigation and prosecution of Nazi war criminals covering the period from April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008, published lately, again gives Estonia the low rating of F2, as Australia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

    F-2 is described as “failure in practice” and it is given to countries in which “there are no legal obstacles to the investigation and prosecution of suspected Nazi war criminals, but whose efforts, or lack thereof, have resulted in complete failure during the period under review, primarily due to the absence of political will to proceed and/or a lack of the requisite resources and/or expertise.”

    Ranked in cetegory F-1, or “failure in principle,” were Norway, Sweden and Syria. The Simon Wiesenthal Center says these are countries which refuse in principle to investigate suspected Nazi war criminals because of legal (statute of limitation) or ideological restrictions.




    How the Serbs suffered under Nazi German occupation

    Here is an excerpt from a British film – the voice-over is British, but with actual footage shot by the Nazis, showing just a fraction of what Serbs had to endure… for every dead German soldier, the Germans executed 100 Serbs. For every wounded German soldier, 50 Serbs had to pay the price with their lives. The towns of Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Cacak suffered… thousands of Serbs perished. And this “price in blood” – 100 to 1 ratio, and 50 to 1 – was Hitler’s punishment that applied only to Serbs and to nobody else.

    Of course, the Germans did not just shoot or hang Serbs and Tito’s Communist Partisans (as the movie suggests). They also did that to Royalist Chetniks, to Jews, Roma, etc.


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