No loaded guns in US National Parks

This is a video about an American black bear.

From the National Parks Conservation Association in the USA:

Dear Friend,

The comment deadline is approaching! Send your comments by August 8th!

Take Action

For nearly 5 months now, NPCA and our allies have been working to keep loaded guns out of our national parks. Our campaign first began when Senator Coburn (R[epublican]-OK) tried to amend a public lands bill to allow guns in parks. With the help of our allies and supporters we put a stop to it. However, despite our aggressive attempts to keep the NRA from pushing their political agenda to allow loaded guns in our national parks, we are up against one of the most powerful organizations in the nation on this issue.

We could really use your help.

The administration, caving to pressure from the NRA, has opened up the regulations to the public for comment. We have only a few weeks left to steer the process in the right direction. Will you take a minute to send your comments today?

NPCA isn’t opposed to individual gun ownership. The NRA was looking for a polarizing election-year issue and our national parks have become the target (no pun intended). As nature and wildlife enthusiasts, we need your powerful voice to speak out. The NRA is throwing a lot of their money and power into this issue, and in order to keep loaded guns out of national parks we must do the same.

The loss of wildlife due to poaching has been identified as a natural resource issue facing the National Park Service. As it stands now, park rangers are struggling to stay ahead of poachers and vandals, and poaching is already threatening a number of species like black bears in Shenandoah National Park. Allowing loaded guns in national parks will make the rangers’ job 10 times harder!

Write to the Department of the Interior (DOI) today and urge them to keep the current regulations in place. The policies on the books right now are Reagan administration policies, and they are sound policies that respect both gun owners and park visitors alike. Gun owners can have their guns in parks, as long as they are unloaded and safely stored. Sound unreasonable? We didn’t think so either.

Don’t wait. DOI has extended the comment period until August 8, 2008 to ensure that every voice has been heard. Please write to DOI today and tell them to keep the current regulations in place and protect visitors and wildlife from loaded guns in national parks. Take action!

Thanks for all you do,


Tom Kiernan, President

P.S. Over the next two weeks, the NRA is going to push hard to get their members engaged on this issue. We don’t have the power or financial backing that the NRA does. What we have is you, and your love and appreciation for our national parks. Please send your comments in before the August 8th deadline.

This message was sent to you by the folks at on behalf of the National Parks Conservation Association.

E-mail NPCA at, write them at 1300 19th Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036, or call 800-NAT-PARK (800-628-7275).

2 thoughts on “No loaded guns in US National Parks

  1. Dear Friend of eNature,

    Help stop the trade in bear gallbladders

    For centuries, the American black bear has symbolized this nation’s wilderness and has been a vital part of America’s magnificent natural heritage. But the bear- this iconic species- is under assault. There is a bounty on the head of every bear in the country, and Born Free USA needs your help to protect the species from coast to coast.

    Bears are under attack. They are slaughtered by unscrupulous poachers, financed by smugglers and wildlife profiteers, to satisfy the global demand for bear gallbladders. Bear gallbladder (and bile) is used in traditional Asian medicines, shampoos, and even hemorrhoid creams.

    Sadly, it’s a gruesome trade: the bear is killed; her abdomen is brutally sliced open; and her gallbladder removed.

    But you can help stop the deplorable trade in bear gallbladders. Please act now!

    Congress is once again considering the Bear Protection Act (H.R. 3480), which would prohibit the import, export, or interstate commerce in bear gallbladders and bile. This legislation has been passed by the United States Senate twice in previous years, but the House of Representatives has always failed to act. With your support and your message to Capitol Hill, we can get the House to pass the bill this year.

    It will only take a minute of your time but will have a lasting effect on bears everywhere.

    Part of the problem today is that some states (just five) allow commercialization of bear gallbladders; more than 30 prohibit it; and the others either have no regulations or allow bear gallbladder sales if the bear was killed somewhere else. But once the gallbladder is removed, it is impossible to tell where the bear was killed. This creates an enforcement nightmare and facilitates a fraudulent bear gallbladder trade.

    That is why a uniform national prohibition against the trade in bear parts is so vital for the protection of individual bears and the conservation of the species. Visit the bear trade section of our website to learn even more.

    Together, we can make a difference for animals,
    Will Travers

    Born Free USA

    P.S. As a compassionate conservationist, I know you’ll agree that America’s bears are worth saving. Once you’ve taken a minute to send your letter to Congress, please consider other ways you can help our campaigns to protect wildlife.


  2. Gun pusher nicked for drink-driving

    US: The man who led Tennessee to dilute laws that kept handguns out of bars gave up his chairmanship of a state House committee last week after his arrest on charges of driving and carrying a gun while drunk.

    Republican Curry Todd was arrested in Nashville on October 11 after failing a roadside sobriety test while he had a loaded .38-calibre gun in his car.


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