‘German Stonehenge’ discovered

This National Geographic video says about itself:

See a recreation of how Stonehenge may have been raised 4500 years ago.

From Der Spiegel in Germany:

Archaeologists discover German Stonehenge

By Christoph Seidler

In the Magdeburg region, archaeologists are digging now in a sensational discovery: they believe that they have discovered the German equivalent of Stonehenge [in England]; in Pömmelte. Their only problem: as the building was made in wood, not in stone, few remains have been left.

Also on this: here.

England: Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found: here.

Plans to transform the surroundings of Stonehenge came another “crucial” step closer today when English Heritage recieved new funding: here.

3 thoughts on “‘German Stonehenge’ discovered

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