Afghan civilians killed by British soldiers

This video is called U.S. Bombs Killing Afghanistan Civilians.

From British daily The Guardian:

Four civilians killed by British soldiers in Afghanistan

* Peter Walker and agencies

* Saturday July 26 2008

British soldiers in Afghanistan today killed four civilians and injured three more after opening fire on a vehicle that failed to stop at a checkpoint, Nato and defence ministry officials said.

7 thoughts on “Afghan civilians killed by British soldiers

    More than half of those killed in the three recent U.S.-led airstrikes . . . were women and children, according to Afghan and Western officials. In one case, about 47 women and children in a wedding party were killed.

    Sure, Karzai had Taliban enemies who profited from drugs, but he had even more supporters who did.


  2. 17th British soldier killed in Afghanistan in last two months
    London, July 30, IRNA

    A British soldier has died after being seriously injured in a blast in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence announced Wednesday.

    The soldier, who was on routine patrol in Helmand province, is the fourth British fatality in the past week and the 17th to be killed in the last two month.

    Overall, 114 British servicemen have lost their lives in Afghanistan since US-led military operations began in November 2001, but all by seven have been killed after the UK started to send troops to Helmand in 2006.

    The MoD said that the latest casualty suffered serious injuries from an explosion during a clash with Taliban insurgents on Tuesday.

    The solider, who has yet to be named, was airlifted out to receive medical treatment but died during the flight.

    The rising casualties come as a parliamentary report Wednesday warned that Britain’s armed forces are operating at an unprecedented level and lack of resources due to fighting simultaneously on two- fronts at the same time in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Defence Select Committee said that the number of trained military personnel joining the frontline was falling while the number leaving the armed forces early is increasing.


  3. Human Rights Watch issues breakdown of 2007 Afghan civilian casualties

    Released : Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:48 AM

    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, The Canadian Press reported July 28 that Human Rights Watch said at least 300 Afghan civilians were mistakenly killed by the coalition last year.

    The figure appears in the New York-based group’s World Report 2008.

    A Human Rights Watch spokesman clarified Tuesday that the group’s current statistics indicate 321 Afghan civilians were killed by coalition air strikes and another 113 by coalition ground fire in 2007.


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