Moorhens and butterflies

This video is called Moorhen & Friend.

Today, in a ditch along the railway, an adult moorhen. It had with it very small chicks, still reddish on their heads. There also was a bigger juvenile moorhen, with no longer baby red and still no adult red at its bill.

In moorhens, the earliest juvenile generation of the year often helps their parents to feed the still younger birds.

A study from Cambridge in England about moorhens says:

The importance of food availability as a constraint upon cooperative behaviour was examined by providing supplementary food on some breeding territories of a population of moorhens (Gallinula chloropus). First brood juveniles on territories provided with food were more likely to feed their younger second brood siblings.

In the nature reserve: speckled wood butterflies. Meadow brown butterflies.

Green woodpecker sounds.

On the eastern meadow: lesser black-backed and herring gulls. Oystercatchers. Hares running. Grey herons along ditches. A marsh harrier flying overhead.

Near the castle moat: a song thrush. Flowering rush flowers.

Above the castle moat, an emperor dragonfly flying around.

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