NATO violates Pakistani airspace again

This video from Pakistan is called AXIS OF CIVILIAN KILLERS – BUSH – MUSHARRAF – KARZAI.

From ANI news agency in India:

Two NATO aircraft violate Pak airspace on Monday night

Miranshah (Pakistan), July 23 : In yet another similar incident over the past few days, two NATO aircraft intruded into Pakistani air space late on Monday night in North Waziristan.

According to Pakistan government officials, the NATO aircraft violated Pakistani airspace in Lawara Mandi, Datta Khel, Ghulam Khan and Saidgi areas, close to Pak-Afghan border around 11 pm on Monday night.

Both the aircraft flew over these areas for about 25 minutes and returned to the Afghan side of the border without any action, the officials said.

Pakistan has been repeatedly protesting against the intrusion of its air space by US-led NATO forces. Even last week, a NATO aircraft hovered over Pakistan’s territory for a few minutes before landing back in Afghanistan. Prior to this, more such incidents had taken place.

Pakistan faces mounting US demands to suppress “terrorism”: here.

US demands crackdown by Pakistani government along Afghanistan border: here.

Pakistani government moves to impeach President Musharraf: here.

4 thoughts on “NATO violates Pakistani airspace again

    [O]rders for airstrikes in Afghanistan have increased in recent months, as American and allied warplanes attack Taliban hide-outs and swoop in to assist allied and Afghan forces under fire.

    The latest casualties came as Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was on his first visit to Afghanistan with a Congressional delegation.


  2. Suspected US missiles kill six in Pakistan

    by S.H. Khan Mon Jul 28, 7:15 AM ET

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) – A suspected US missile strike in Pakistan’s tribal belt on Monday killed six people, including three Arab militants, as the country’s premier readied to meet President George W. Bush.

    Three missiles struck a house attached to a mosque in the South Waziristan tribal district, an area bordering Afghanistan that is viewed by Washington as a haven for Al-Qaeda and Taliban extremists, officials said.

    “Six people are dead and three others injured after three missiles hit a house in Azam Warsak (village),” a senior security official told AFP. He said those killed were three “suspected Arab militants and three young boys.”

    Residents said they heard US aircraft and pilotless Predator drones flying above the area before and after the strike, adding that there had been alarm over similar flights throughout the weekend.

    Pakistani officials said the missiles apparently came from US-led coalition troops deployed over the border, which lies some 20 kilometres (12 miles) west of Azam Warsak.

    “This has been done by coalition forces, we did not do it,” another Pakistani security official said on condition of anonymity.


  3. Rockets fired from Afghan side land in Waziristan [Pakistan]

    By Our Correspondent

    MIRAMSHAH, July 30: Mortar shells and rockets fired from across the Afghan side of the border landed in the Spin Wam area of North Waziristan Agency on Wednesday.

    Local people said that seven rockets and nine mortar shells landed in the area, but did not cause any damage.


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