Barbara Ehrenreich on class in the USA

This video is called Nickel and Dimed [about Barbara Ehrenreich’s book], from The American Ruling Class.

From the Guardian daily in Britain:

America’s last taboo

Barbara Ehrenreich has been called a Marxist just for writing that the US is not a classless society. But criticism has never stopped her exposing social injustice before. Emma Brockes talks to her about her new book, Barack Obama and the great wealth divide

Monday July 21, 2008

Twenty years ago, Barbara Ehrenreich wrote an article for the New York Times in which she pointed out the growing inequality of American society and was promptly denounced, by a rival paper, as a Marxist. “The Washington Times is an extreme-rightwing publication,” she says, so there was no surprise there. But the paper’s reaction underlined a general principle: that while one can say “fairly wild” things about race and gender in the US, there persists a certain coyness about class. “There’s this powerful myth that America doesn’t have classes; that they’re an ancient English or European thing that we abolished. And that if you’re not rich, it’s your own damn fault.”

Now 66, Ehrenreich has devoted most of her career to disproving this maxim. Her 2001 bestseller Nickel and Dimed was an account of the year she spent trying to eke out an existence on the minimum wage, which caused affluent readers everywhere to exclaim guiltily: “We had no idea!”

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