Vote No to state funeral for Margaret Thatcher

This is a music video from Britain by Elvis Costello: Margaret Thatcher – tramp the dirt down.

From British daily The Guardian:

Should Margaret Thatcher have a state funeral?

The Iron Lady is set to be given a state funeral when she dies. The British government‘s decision is controversial as only one politician, Winston Churchill, had the honour last century. Do you think Margaret Thatcher should have a state funeral?

Poll closes in 2 days

Right now, 81,2% of participants in this Guardian poll have voted NO to the state funeral proposal. Help to make that as close to 100% as possible.

Preferably, instead of getting a state funeral, Margaret Thatcher should, while still alive, be put on trial for war crimes in the Falklands/Malvinas, Yugoslavia, etc; for destroying British mining and other industries, driving many people into poverty; for racism; for supporting Pinochet in Chile, the apartheid regime in South Africa, and other dictatorships (including in Argentina before the Falklands-Malvinas war) etc.

While Winston’s Churchill’s record is blemished by anti-Semitism, other racism, and colonial wars, at least, along with F.D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and many others, he helped stopping Hitler. Margaret Thatcher definitely lacks such a saving grace.

From the New Statesman in Britain:

Playwright Ed Waugh, who co-wrote Maggie’s End, attacks the news of a state funeral for Conservative ex-PM Margaret Thatcher as “an unforgiveable betrayal” of Labour voters who suffered under her rule.

UK soldiers ‘shot’ in Falklands: here.

4 thoughts on “Vote No to state funeral for Margaret Thatcher

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