New Velociraptor species discovered in Mongolia

This video is about Velociraptor and Ankylosaurus dinosaurs.

From Laelaps blog:

By the summer of 1993 Velociraptor had become a household name. Although Deinonychus had long been my fleet-footed favorite the olive-green “clever girls” of Speilberg’s [sic; Spielberg’s] film soon outshone all of their relatives and gave Tyrannosaurus a run for its money. Velociraptor is hardly a new dinosaur, however. It was discovered during the famous expeditions to Mongolia made by the AMNH in the 1920’s, the team setting out to find the “birthplace” of all mammals and coming back with loads of new dinosaurs. Velociraptor mongoliensis was officially described, along with Saurornithoides and Oviraptor, in 1924 but was practically invisible to the public until it starred in the movie that would make the “raptor” famous.

Now there’s a new kid in town, a new species of the sickle-clawed predator called Velociraptor osmolskae from Bayan Mandahu in [Inner] Mongolia. The locality, with deposits between approximately 83 and 70 million years old, presents an array of horned and armored dinosaurs with theropods being relatively rare. Fossils attributed to Velociraptor had been found there in the past but have generally been forgotten, but a pair of jaw bones (the maxillae) discovered in 1999 represented something new. It definitely represented some kind of dromeosaurid, but what kind was it? A few landmarks on the preserved maxillae contained some crucial clues.

Like Velociraptor mongoliensis the specimens had a single row of holes, called neurovascular foramina which contained blood vessels and nerves in life, lining the lateral surface.

Furthermore, an opening in the skull called the maxillary fenestra … was consistent with that of Velociraptor, the number of teeth in the maxillae also being very similar. There are important differences, however, primarily the absence of a ridge near the neurovascular foramina seen in V. mongoliensis and slight differences in the tooth structure.

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